The project

The OntoTech is a project that believes in utilizing job knowledge as a predictor of future job performance. This joint initiative of CVO Antwerp (Center for Adult Education), Center of Job Knowledge Research (University of Amsterdam), and Netpositive Ltd. (Hungarian IT company), took off in 2013 and it is due to achieve the project’s goals by the end of February 2016.


The main objective of this project is to provide comprehensive personalized assessments and suggestions for technical-proficiency trainings that are necessary for a particular position in the labor market.  The project hopes to deliver the following outcomes:

  • A customizable knowledge test
  • General mental ability test (GMA)
  • An applicant ranking based on integrated job knowledge and GMA test performance
  • An automatic and tailored e-Learning content delivery on the basis of test results
  • A cutting-edge semantic technology for job knowledge structuring, testing, and evaluation.